Canon India is offering online photography courses Canon Mentors to keep you busy during the lockdown. In an endeavour to motivate people to stay productive and learn new photography skills, Canon India has organised Digital Master Class Series curated in closed association with some of the industry’s best talents. Canon masterclass webinars are targeted to photography enthusiasts, professional photographers and photography students and covers different genres of photography, filmmaking, and editing & post production. Canon strongly believes that there should be no reason for people to stop learning new skills in the current lockdown. Each class is being hosted by a professional photographer, sharing in depth knowledge pertaining to their genre of specialized photography. 


The above image is of a camera.The camera is of 7 mp and provides good quality photos.

Canon Camera

The given image is of a Canon Camera


It is a camera which is used to click photo

Canon offers online tutorials for those diving into photography for the first time or for those looking to refine their skills. They have two sections of online tutorials. One, titled getting started, is for true beginners. This section approaches understanding how the camera works including aperture, depth of field, shutter speed, and ISO. If you have the basics down, the site also provides more advanced tutorials called Get Creative. Here, you’ll find info on full manual functions, experimenting with different lenses, low light photography, and specific advice for shooting certain subjects, such as portraiture. 

To learn online photography courses canon, you need to go to the canon website and enroll for the course. After you enroll for the course, then you can start learning online photography courses canon. After completing the course, you can do online business from various website of photography and earn money. Doing online business is an important step in the photography course.  

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